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Everything we do is centered around you, the patient – because you hold the keys to shaping your health. With our guidance and your active participation, we can take this journey towards health, and create a lifetime of optimal health.

Restore your health from within

Dr. Cara Orscheln and Fusion Natural Health uses a holistic and integrative approach to pain and disease. Her goal is to optimize the structure and function of the body. One of her primary areas of focus is the integral woven fabric of our bodies called FASCIA!

What is Fasica? Recently recognized as its own organ system, it is the dynamic connective tissue that surrounds and unites every cell in the body to provide support and also allow for fluid and tissue movement. It has both structural elements (collagen and elastin) and fluid elements. It brings together the musculoskeletal system, biochemical and metabolic processes, the nervous system, cardiovascular and lymphatic system, immune system, and the psycho-emotional system. It creates the scaffolding to help deliver nutrients to the cells, and waste products from the cells to the lymphatic and venous system.When the fascia is not performing optimally, it can lead to pain and dysfunction.

A 3-step approach: Realign – Restore – Revitalize

Her goal is to Re-align the physical structure, Restore the health and integrity of the soft tissues and fascia, and Revitalize the the cellular and metabolic processes to make you more resilient.Dr. Cara’s unique approach to heal the fascia includes optimizing blood and lymph flow, nervous and hormonal balance, optimizing nutrient status, detoxification and elimination of waste products, and stimulating muscle, joint, and ligament healing.

Her integrative approach is informed by years of education in anatomy, physiology, pathology, and treatments that attempt to restore optimal structural alignment, physiology and function. There is no one pill or treatment that will do this, and Dr. Cara guides her patients on a path of discovery and empowerment to help them live a fuller and healthier life.

Dr. Cara combines elements of physical medicine and regenerative medicine fields to assess and treat the fascial structure of the body. She blends hand-on myofascial bodywork, movement exercises, restorative injection therapies like prolotherapy and neural therapy to restore alignment and function of the fascia. She incorporates naturopathic principles with specialty lab testing, imaging, nutrition and botanical sciences, and European bio-regulatory medicine to addresses the foundation of health.

We value the time we spend with you! We begin with a very thorough health intake to illuminate the organ systems and lifestyle factors that may play a role in your illness. We assess the physical body, posture, and movement patterns. We consider the effects of traumatic or life changing events, injuries, stealth infections, hormone or nervous system dysregulation, undiagnosed foods sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies or even exposure to toxic substances that could be keeping you in the “chronic illness cycle”.Individualized treatment plans may include hands-on therapies, dietary guidance, quality supplements, home exercises, stress management and mindfulness techniques.Referral to other medical or wellness professionals may also be recommended.

Healing chronic illness happens by creating the best possible healing environment for your body and we empower you to take control of your health and your future well-being.

Let Us Guide You So That You Can Create What You Need Most…
To Heal.

Fusion Natural Health’s Method

  • Solution Oriented: Our mission is to get to the root cause and create targeting healing protocols to deal directly with the causes of illness as well as prevent disease and future imbalances.
  • Focus On Function: Optimizing the function of the body by correcting structure, nutrition, and hormones, and reducing toxin exposure will help break the cycle or chronic illness.
  • Personalized For Each Patient: We treat a patient’s unique biological challenges and adapt protocols to meet those needs.
  • Proper In-depth Testing: We apply scientifically-advanced lab testing that can be paired with standard medical testing to guide treatment.
  • Based In Science: Based on the latest medical research and clinical trials.

Are You Ready To Finally Get Your Health Back On Track?

Dr. Cara Orscheln

Dr. Cara Orscheln is a Naturopathic Doctor and the founder of Fusion Natural Health.

She is focused on the unique history of each patient, and how their individuality impacts their specific therapy needs.

The Fusion Natural Health approach is truly holistic and integrative.

Dr. Cara Orscheln’s treatment protocols include manual therapies and restorative injection procedures, and targeted nutrient and botanical therapies, natural medicines, nutrition and lifestyle medicine and tools to support mindset and mental/emotional health.


What people are saying about Fusion Natural Health

“Her approach is oriented to the whole person, and her treatment modalities…”

Working with Dr. Cara has transformed the way I exist in my body, my relationship to it, and my understanding of it. Her approach is oriented to the whole person, and her treatment modalities reflect that. Whether it’s intuitive touch during body work or thoughtful application of various injection methods, her practice is always multi-dimensional, considered, skilled, and healing. She’s profoundly knowledgable about the interconnected systems of the mind, body, and soul. Beyond all this, she’s a warm, compassionate, and all-around delightful person whose humor, curiosity, and generous spirit make her my favorite doctor of all time.

– Julie

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Dr Cara through two marathon training cycles…”

I’ve been fortunate to work with Dr Cara through two marathon training cycles and she helped me maintain overall strength and health. She focuses on whole body while also working on any specific issues, concerns and flare ups. I appreciate that she encourages self care in addition and gives you tools to do so.

– Krista

“Four years ago I got into a bad car accident, which left me with chronic pain…”

Four years ago I got into a bad car accident, which left me with chronic pain, lymphatic problems, nerve damage and other issues. Dr. Cara has been amazing at helping find ways to ease my pain and get me back some of my life. When we started, I was so sensitive, Dr. Cara had to come up with out of the box ideas to work on me, she has found so many ways to help and keeps coming up with new ones. I would recommend her amazing skills and detail to attention to anyone. She has been a life saver to me and my body.

– Tammy

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Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision to become a patient. Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if Fusion Natural Health is right for you.