Integrative Physical Medicine

Hellerwork is a sister method of bodywork to Rolfing Structural Integration. I have been practicing Hellerwork informed bodywork since 2003, and this is a foundation for my physical medicine approach with patients.

Integrative Physical Medicine

Naturopathic medicine acknowledges the foundational importance of a functional and strong physical body. Part of Naturopathic training includes many credit hours studying manual therapies like joint and muscle manipulation, exercise science, and assessment for musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

Prior to going to school for Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Cara was a massage therapist and also studied a form of bodywork called Structural Integration. This is a system that seeks to optimize posture and alignment, and functional mobility. Dr. Cara specifically studied Hellerwork Structural Integration, which uses a unique combination of soft tissue myofascial mobilization, movement education, and dialogue to create structural integrity in the body. Hellerwork explores the connection of how the body reflects the mind, and frees set patterns of movement, enhancing your ability to adapt to life’s changes.

My goals are to bring the body into a better functioning state. Depending on the stage of inflammation and structural imbalances, a variety of techniques are used to stretch, relax, and strengthen muscles, break up adhesions, and decrease pain. Before and after each session, postural and range of motion assessments are done to rate progress and determine a treatment plan.

10-Session Series*:

Traditionally, Structural Integration is practiced as a series of sessions, each one building off of the other, to address alignment and body awareness. While not indicated for all pain, this “10-series” is often a realistic time frame to consider in addressing chronic physical complaints. This allows for time to address not just the primary “problem” area, but to consider the whole body’s influence on that problem. Dr. Cara often tries to see patients initially every week for 3-4 weeks, then every other week, with a goal to complete the 10 session series in 5-6 months.

*There is a 20% package discount for sessions purchased in a package of 5.

In addition to physical therapy modalities like manual therapy or therapeutic exercises, Dr. Cara also often integrates Kinesiotaping, hydrotherapy, topical ointment or aromatherapy applications, and injection therapies as indicated to have the most beneficial impact on healing.

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