Restorative Injection Therapies

Dr. Cara may recommend targeted injection treatments to treat pain, improve mobility, heal from trauma, and strengthen the integrity of the joint.

Neural Therapy – Commonly practiced in clinics in Europe, this treatment utilizes the medicinal properties of a local anesthetic called procaine in the treatment of scars, myofascial pain, organ dysfunction, and the nervous system.

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Trigger Point Injections – This stems comes from Neural Therapy, but utilizes the local anesthetic procaine or lidocaine for the treatment of spasming muscles and associated referral pain.

Prolotherapy – This treatment stimulates the the body’s healing mechanisms by injecting a simple dextrose solutions into and around joints and ligaments to improve structural integrity of the joint and surrounding supportive structures. It is indicated for early stages of arthritis to prevent further degeneration and promote the healing.  It is also indicated for ligament laxity, sprain/strain injuries, and areas previously injured without adequate recovery. 

For more information, link to this research site.

Peri-Neural Injection Therapy (PIT) – Developed by Dr. Lyftogt, to treats inflamed or injured nerves. This technique uses a low dose dextrose (sugar) solution injected under the skin to loosen the fascia surrounding nerves and improve blood flow and metabolism within nerve fibers to calm pain receptors. Chronic nerve pain is often due to trauma, compression, arthritis, sports, overuse, occupational, and surgical injuries.

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Prolozone – This therapy harnesses the medicinal benefits of ozone gas to improve oxygenation, speed healing and reduce pain and inflammation. This is an added treatment to all of the above therapies.

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Pricing is dependent on type of injection, time for the injection service, and if it is added to an office visit or physical medicine visit or as a separate stand alone visit.  I am happy to provide an estimate based on your individual situation. Please see our FAQ section for pricing details.

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